Nerja Padel Training can offer:

  • English speaking padel trainer
  • pedagogical learning with a lot of humor
  • Whatsapp group based on level
  • regular training matches / events
  • large network in Nerja
  • social responsibility, supports orphanages in India
  • Charity padel divided by the level
  • Padeltrips
  • A lot of fun, as shown in photos below

Charity padel

A couple of times a month we play paddle and get to know new friends, this event is very popular.

Read more about the event here

Each session is 2 hours and day & time differ between season and level every week. Written registration via whatsapp and payment at arrival. A lot of time is spent arranging the event and dividing it into even groups based on those who sign up, so it is very good if you have been to a lesson before so you end up in the right group. Contribution 25€

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