Different assessment systems and levels
Levels are not about how many times or hours you have played padel, it is about how you handle the game, as in any other sport.
In Nerja there are local categories 1-5 where 1 is elite and 5 are beginners, in other parts of Spain they have the same system but where 5 is elite and 1 beginner. In Holland 9 is beginner and 0 is the best player.

The systems thus differ depending on where you play. In Nerja Padel Training, you are assigned your level by how you play.
Around 200 players in Nerja Padel Training play at levels 4 & 5, which is the "average level" in this club, a lower average compared to the Spanish local club in Nerja.

Nerja Padel's differences in levels are explained below, it is a finger-pointing, that can be used when you communicate and look for games in the WhatsApp group. I will evaluate you in the first training based on my system.
I'm also the only one who's seen you all play, and therefore I know the group's exact average.

Beginner (1-3 in the group, category 5 in Nerja)

  • have never played padel
  • played a few times
  • I am unsure of the rules
  • Can hit the ball when it comes to you at a slow pace.
  • Play with no attacks and preferably forehand
  • Has difficulty with playing backhand
  • Has not started with attacks or volley
    *around 70 players in the group

Exerciser (4 in the group, category 5 in Nerja)

  • usually serves with topspin
  • plays all basic shots as serve/volley/smash/lob
  • can keep the ball going 10 over the net
  • can hit a lob and "take" the net
  • rarely has time to run for a lob when it comes from the opponent
    *around  70 players in the group

Average player (5 in the group, category 4 in Nerja)

  • serves with backspin
  • always attacks when served
  • plays bandeja, and knows when, where and why
  • jumping sideways backward, no tripping
  • plays in parallel with your partner
  • often communicates with your partner
  • know the positions required to close the gaps
  • can run up a drop shot
  • can run up a lob and counter-lob
  • can play ball against the back wall in case of emergency
    *around 150 players in the group

Advanced player (6 in the group, category 4 in Nerja)

  • can play 2 hours match without problems

  • knows all movements to defend the double wall

  • planning a few shots ahead, playing with a strategy

  • always communicates with his partner

  • can block a smash from the back wall

  • can vary his serve, position and power

  • knocks the ball out from 4 meters at the right time

  • can play lob against the back wall in case of emergency
    *around 70 players in the group

Skilled (7 in the group, category 3 in Nerja)

  • can all above
  • always communicate with your partner
  • plays bajada, and knows when, where and why
  • can smash out the ball at 3 meters
  • can create drop shots off your volleys
  • can play against sidewalls
  • keeps the ball going when sparring against Sebastian
    *around 30 players in the group

Expert (8 in the group, category 2 in Nerja)

  • can all above
  • plays vibora as well
  • smash the ball at 3 meters a lot
  • plays even/wins against Sebastian head-to-head
    *about 10 players in the group

    It is possible to book a match with me as a playing trainer together with two other players at a similar level. The match is 2h and 40 min personal coaching per player.

    For more detailed information and a personal schedule, contact me through Whatsapp or email.