Nerja Padel

Submit your request and we will do my best to fulfill this.

Hotel Parador in central Nerja, search for "Nerja Padel" on Google maps. See a map under "contact".

How many:

Recommend a maximum of 4 players per lesson for best quality.If you are more, get in touch for a proposal.

* Each training includes the court, basket with balls & trainer.
* English-speaking coach who explains the sport and the game in a simple way so you understand, usually with the help of a sport you already know. So already after one hour of basic training, you are ready to play with others.
* Coach help to pickup the balls between rounds.
* Access to the other players in the club via whatsapp groups.
*Priority for training matches and charity padel.

The price depends on the time of the day, day of the week, season
and the number of players.

Different types of training:
Beginner class:
for you who want to learn the basics in padel,
recommend 1-4 players

Next step:
for you who want to mix hits, positioning and match,
recommends 1-4 players

for you who want to sharpen special hits and know some secrets,
recommends 1-4 players

for you who want to train speed and offense,
always 1 player

for you who want to train speed, positioning and communication,
always 3 players
for you who want to practice matches, get to know other players and contribute to the orphanage in India,
always 7 players

* To be able to put you in the correct group and sign up for the charity events,
we first have to see you play.