Nerja Padel Training

Submit your request and I will do my best to fulfill this.

Hotel Parador in central Nerja, search for "Nerja Padel" on Google maps. See a map under "contact".

How many:

Recommend a maximum of 4 players per lesson for best quality. If you are more than 4, get in touch for a proposal.

* Each training includes the court, basket with balls & trainer.
* English-speaking coach who explains the sport and the game in a simple way so you understand, usually with the help of a sport you already know. So already after one hour of basic training, you are ready to play with others.
* Coach help to pickup the balls between rounds.
* Access to the other players in the club via whatsapp groups.
*Priority for training matches and charity padel.


Pay in cash, by transfer, Bizum or Revolut. The price depends on the time in the day, day of the week, season and number of players.
From 55€ per hour.

Different types of training:
Basic course:
for you who want to learn the basics in padel,
recommend 1-4 players

Next step:
for you who want to mix hits, positioning and match,
recommends 1-4 players

for you who want to sharpen special hits and know some secrets,
recommends 1-4 players

for you who want to train speed and offense,
always 1 player

for you who want to train speed, positioning and communication,
always 3 players
for you who want to practice matches, get to know other players and contribute to the orphanage in India, always 7 players

* To be able to put you in the right group, for the charity event, I advise you to take a lesson or have a friend know your level of play.